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Banishing Your Inner Critic

How we talk to ourselves ~ the words we use, how we speak inwardly and the depth of belief in what we actually say ~ has a potent and often harmful effect on our health, wellness and well-being.

Take charge right now! This “voice” is an “inner critic” ~ a being, of sorts, that has taken shape over the years from words said to us

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Starting Over

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”


When you are ready to release yourself from repetitive dieting or overeating, the following exercise will guide you through the process of identifying, respecting and satisfying your hunger as well as re-learning to honor yourself and trust your own word. I have also added movement and strength

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Healthy Thinking

“We are the only creatures on earth that can change our biology by what we think and feel.”

Deepak Chopra

Our attitudes and our outlook have a tremendous effect on the way our bodies function. Researchers in both the psychological and medical fields say that optimism is a major determining factor in our level of fitness. Optimism can prevent disease and contribute to

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Mile-High Yoga

To help combat potential problems associated with traveling, follow these 6 asanas (yoga postures) and ward off tightness and muscle discomfort

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Do You Have Compassion Fatigue?

Unlike burnout, which is caused by everyday work stresses, compassion fatigue is a result of taking on the emotional burdens of a patient or loved one. Symptoms include thoughts that won’t stop, sleep problems, irritability, emotional outbursts and a wish to be somewhere else other than caring for another individual.

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Brain Boost

Since research has proven that exercise boosts the health of the brain, we can trust the experts and take action in our lives.

Exercising three hours a week will keep the brain healthy, according to a study recently published by researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The researchers compared two groups of people over a ten year period. One group, aged

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Contract with Myself

Do you ever find it a challenge to remain consistent in working towards your health and wellness goals? Try giving your self-motivation a boost by making a “contract” with yourself.

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How to Make a Successful Change

“Every fresh experience has this dizziness of freedom that we must move through. Every time we reach beyond what is familiar, there is the necessary acclimation to what is new. It is the doorway to all learning.”

By Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening

Self-change is challenging for most people but not impossible. In fact, it is one of the

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