Eating Mindfully - Your Key to a Healthy Relationship
with Yourself & Food

"Sometimes you hear a voice through the door calling you, as fish out of water hear the waves, or a hunting falcon hears the drums come back. This turning toward what you deeply love saves you."

~Jalal al-Din Rumi, A Voice Through the Door, translated by Coleman Barks


Are you a prisoner of gaining and losing weight, only to become heavier?  


Are your thoughts preoccupied with food issues, guilt, wishing things were different?


Have you lost hope in yourself? Do you believe that you will never succeed in becoming healthy and staying healthy?


Do you believe that you will be happier at a lower weight or a smaller size?


Dieting is a 60 billion dollar a year industry in our country – could something be terribly wrong?


Our culture has indoctrinated most of us, particularly women, to believe media-defined thinness and beauty will bring happiness, bliss and self-love. Unfortunately, this is not true. Compulsive eating, or not eating, is a way we distance ourselves from a reality we don’t want to face, when life is different than how we long for it to be.


Having myself gained and lost over 1,900 pounds during a decade of my life, I know the emotional pain of feeling physically unacceptable and have experienced how debilitating it can be. The way I finally healed was by letting go of the compulsion to “fix” myself with thinness; by learning to believe that I could be happy right here…now…in this moment. By integrating the practice of mindfulness into my life, I learned to believe in my wholeness, my goodness, my true self just as it is. I began to dismantle the myth of perfection and let go of the ties it had on my life.


Eating Mindfully is about being in and embracing the present moment, ending our dysfunctional relationship with food.


In my work, I help people believe their life is worth being present for, building the strength it takes to no longer consider doing anything less than what is in their very best interest. My clients learn to trust themselves, to respect their bodies and to find their way back to what is whole and to what was never broken. I offer:


  • Empathetic understanding
  • Compassionate interaction
  • Skills to live a healthier life
  • Tools to learn ways of deepening mindfulness and self-understanding
  • Support to live a life of meaning, purpose and fulfillment
  • Resources to keep for a lifetime


The most challenging part of any program that addresses weight-related issues is that, unless it is founded upon understanding and accepting the part of you that wants something you can’t name – the heart of hearts of your longing – it will fail. There is an entire world between the moment you feel empty, bored or angry – and turn towards or away from food to deal with these uncomfortable or frightening feelings.


Imagine not being frightened by any feeling. Imagine knowing that you can handle any situation…that you will not be destroyed or guilt ridden…that you are larger and vaster than any feeling or thought; and that any threatening situation would be small in comparison to knowing who you are and what you value in life.


If you are ready to give up believing there is something wrong with you – something that will change when you have a different body, or something else that will bring peaceful living only after doing something more – then you are ready for Eating Mindfully.



Your relationship with yourself and food is the bridge to discovery, holding the answers you search for and is your doorway to freedom. If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of eating mindfully and how to incorporate mindful practices into daily life, I've hand-selected some resources to get you started. Materials include videos, a downloadable ebook and handouts. This is my gift to you, I am here to support you on your journey. Simply fill in your name and email address and you'll be taken to a page loaded with free goodies.