Mindful Programs: How to Work With Me

"Change happens when you come home to yourself, occupy your body from the inside out and decide to do nothing but act in your own best interest."

~Lorrie Jones


Combining extensive research in mind-body healing and a dedication to learning and growth, I offer mindfulness based programs to support you in creating a healthy, balanced lifestyle.


In an effort to reduce my carbon footprint and “go green”, I no longer lease office space; instead, I offer 1:1  appointments via phone and Skype.



Do you long for a life of simplicity and serenity, of health and well-being? We will take a deeper look at the components of living a mindful life, learning the skills and tools for balanced health and wellness. The focus is on gaining skills and understanding that allow you to make choices that put you in control of your life and relationships, and to fully enjoy both. Participants will receive an autographed copy of my book, 21 Days of Living Mindfully, and a 35-minute Guided Body Scan Meditation CD.




Do you have memories, beliefs, or deeply held emotions that you allow to define you or keep you stuck? The core precepts of Hakomi are based on the understanding that unconscious beliefs and habits cause much of our suffering and unhappiness. With Hakomi, we gently access those unconscious habits of mind and behavior bringing them into everyday awareness so they can be recognized, modified and healed. During our work together:

  • We will work with strong emotions and bound energy, safely releasing them, and finding nourishment in that release
  • We will work with the inner child and other specific self-states, often in the context of vividly re-experienced memories, frequently providing the “missing experience” for the child.
  • We will process core beliefs in mindfulness, not as intellectual problem-solving, but as direct dialogue with the unconscious

The ultimate goal of Hakomi is the discovery of the possible, the transformation of limiting self-imposed beliefs, and personal empowerment, which results from new freedom and new options.


1:1 coaching calls are $200 per 70 minutes, scheduled at your discretion. A generous discount is offered by pre-purchasing a block of calls. Once you’ve purchased your call(s), you will be emailed instructions for next steps and an intake form to complete and return.




An intensive wellness program, designed to inform, guide and support you on the path to radiant health and well-being. You will gain the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary for achieving and maintaining your health and wellness goals. You will acquire the ability to make mindful choices and healthy decisions, facing and embracing all of life’s experiences as opportunities for learning and loving. By honoring your body, nourishing your soul and opening your heart to new ways of thinking and responding, you will be able to create a life you truly love. During these three 8-hour days, I will be with you every step of the way – drawing both from my professional mastery and personal experiences – turning barriers into bridges and obstacles into opportunities. To help you maintain your commitment to health and well-being, take-home materials may include: Nutritional guidelines, fundamental yoga routines, meditation and relaxation skills, four CD’s for at-home guidance, a helpful resource guide, personalized strategy and structure. Coaching fees start at $3,900; travel and accommodation expenses are determined by your location.





If you struggle with disordered eating or seek after-care following treatment, this program is for you. In a context of mutual collaboration, you will work directly with me in mastering your wellness experience. We will begin with a 12-week commitment that includes twelve 70-minute one-on-one sessions. In between sessions, you’ll work on assignments customized for your specific needs that will help you move toward your goals. Email support will be available for those times when you need a bit of insight. Participants will receive handouts highlighting topics of discussions, CDs introducing you to the practice of mindfulness meditation, and a list of resources offering simple yet effective tools for embracing life with a peaceful, compassionate heart for the challenges you face. Please call about pricing.





This is your life, please don’t miss it! Possibilities for adventure, beauty, community and “simple serenity” are all around. Make time for what is truly important. Don’t waste a single moment..