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Brain Boost

Since research has proven that exercise boosts the health of the brain, we can trust the experts and take action in our lives.

Exercising three hours a week will keep the brain healthy, according to a study recently published by researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The researchers compared two groups of people over a ten year period. One group, aged 60-76, exercised at least 3 hours a week for 10 years. The other group led inactive lives, exercising less than one hour per week for the same period of time. Each volunteer received an MRI and an MRA to examine the brain.

The active group had more small blood vessels and more improved cerebral blood flow, according to J.Keith Smith, MD, PhD, associate professor of radiology at UNC School of Medicine. The inactive group had fewer small blood cells and unpredictable blood flow.

Prior studies have shown that people who are active experience less cognitive decline, suggesting a possibility between improved blood flow and a slower decline of cognition. Why not begin again and commit 3 hours a week to exercise? It would be wise to consult your physician before jumping into an elevated heart rate. Also, being cautious about one’s own body and limits or boundaries is always wise.

Target heart rate calculations have changed and there is new information out about intensity and duration of a work out, so consulting a physician and a certified trainer is the best plan. Once this is accomplished, a lifestyle change including weekly exercise awaits.

Here’s to your health!

“If you want to walk, run, bike, swim or dance, there are countless options ~ the most important thing is to choose an activity you will enjoy and commit to.”

~Lorrie Jones

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