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How to Combat Anxiety

Mindfulness has its roots in ancient eastern philosophy, and is based on the premise that our attachment to feeling happy and our aversion to feeling badly in some way are the cause of much of our discomfort and misery. Much of the time, when things are difficult, we take up compulsive or avoidant behaviors in an attempt to make ourselves feel better.

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The Joys of Summer

itting in an outdoor cafe reveling in the beauty of warm summer day…I am aware of something deeper in me…something wanting expression. It is about the magic of summer and the child in me that comes alive as the temperature climbs above 80 degrees. Have any of you been there? Have you felt yourself come alive as the temperature becomes warm and life takes on an ease and a charm that only happens when the season is summer?

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Well-Being Check-in: Body, Mind, Heart and Soul

We hear a lot these days about well-being, becoming who we truly are and realizing our wholeness. While this may sound compelling (“Sure, why not? I’m in!”), how exactly do we begin? Where do we start? And what is the first step? First, I believe we are all whole and complete human beings just as we are. We lack nothing and we are not in need of “fixing”. From a holistic standpoint, we have everything we need to live life as whole and complete human beings. Secondly, to be well in body, mind, heart and spirit, it is not a matter of needing to acquire something from the “outside”. Rather it is a matter of letting go – of releasing ourselves from the prison of culturally imposed limiting beliefs, fabrications and fear in order to live a life of authenticity and freedom. This article is intended to be a way to “check-in”: to inquire into our own well-being and notice what we discover when we ask ourselves the following questions.

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