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Exciting News: I Have Three NEW Books Out!

I am thrilled to share some exciting news with you: I have THREE NEW BOOKS available now on Amazon: 21 Days of Living Mindfully, 21 Days of Parenting Mindfully, and 21 Days of Eating Mindfully (3rd ed with new sections and updated information)! As you make your way through the guidebooks, you are invited to record your daily thoughts, reflections, and self-discoveries in a lovely

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The Jean Whisperer

This post is part of the Empowering the Goddess Within Blog Tour hosted by BraveHealer.com! To read more entries and potentially win a fun prize, visit the tour page HERE, between September 9th and September 19th!

They say that when an untrusting horse, after much despair and distress, finally feels safe with a human being, the moment is called “joining up”. As I completed research

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Kindergarten Bully

“Do not teach your children never to be angry; teach them how to be angry.” —Lyman Abbott

I was 5 years old standing in line for recess. My coat was on, scarf and mittens in place. Suddenly my body hurled forward from the momentum of a tremendous shove from behind. As I crashed into a table and chair, I was momentarily stunned with shock What

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National Eating Disorder Awareness Week: It’s Time to Talk About It!

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week is February 26th through March 4th, 2017. The goal of this week is to shine the spotlight on eating disorders and put life-saving resources in the hands of those in need. The theme this year is: It’s Time to Talk About It. In honor of this important week, I would like to share my own story with you.

Allow me

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One Simple Phrase that Will Change Your Thoughts

[EXCERPT] As human beings, the stories we subconsciously tell ourselves about our circumstances, about others, and about life in general drastically changes how we feel. If the stories are positive, we tend to feel good. If the stories are negative, we tend to lose hope.

Of course, there’s more to feeling good than just being positive. The details of your present reality matter and make

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Five Yoga Poses for Confidence and Inner Strength

Have you ever noticed how confident people give off a warm, magnetic energy that makes everyone around them feel really comfortable in their presence?

Did you know that practicing yoga* on a regular basis can empower you, cultivate your confidence, and dramatically improve your self-esteem when you need it most?

Why Yoga?

Immediate Effects

  • Releases tension and reduces stress
  • Improves over-all mood and feelings

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  • Growing And Changing The World One Thank You At A Time

    “Behind every successful person there is a lot of help from a lot of people. You are no exception.” –Rajesh Setty

    A gratitude practice is one of the single most empowering things you can bring in to your life yet almost everybody will admit to simply forgetting some of the most significant people in our lives.

    Ask yourself – are there people that perhaps changed

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    Emotional Intelligence with Dan Goleman

    Oprah sits down with psychologist, journalist and New York Times best-selling author Daniel Goleman to discuss his groundbreaking research on emotional intelligence and how we can enhance and manage our emotions to expand our brain capacity. Watch the full episode now.

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    The Biggest Disease Affecting Humanity: “I’m Not Enough”

    This talk by celebrity therapist, speaker and best-selling author Marisa Peer was filmed at Awesomeness Fest, Mindvalley’s transformational event for entrepreneurs and game-changers interested in personal growth.

    Marisa Peer is a bestselling author, celebrity hypnotist and was voted Best Speaker at Awesomeness Fest Croatia, 2015.

    Through touching stories of helping burnt-out Hollywood celebrities, regular clients, and even

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    A Roadmap to Overcoming Insecurities

    Guest post by Leo Babuta, Zen Habits

    There isn’t a person amongst us who doesn’t have insecurities — some are just better at dealing with them, or perhaps hiding them.

    We worry what other people think about us, we worry if we’re good-looking enough, we worry that we’re not doing all that we should be, we worry that we’ll fail, we worry that people will

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    Worried About What You’re Not Doing

    Guest post by Leo Babauta, Zen Habits

    In any given moment, many of us are thinking about what we’re not doing.

    We feel guilty that we’re not doing more. Worried that we’re not as productive as we could be. Guilty that we procrastinate.

    We feel guilty that we don’t exercise more, eat right, have better bodies.

    We worry that we should be doing something better,

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    Answering the Fundamental Question of Mindful Self-Compassion

    Guest Post by Steven Hickman, Psy.D., ED of the UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness, Dir of Professional Training, Center for Mindful Self-Compassion

    It’s a simple question, really. But one that often brings on a state of perplexed astonishment when someone asks us: “What do you need?”

    Unless we are a sobbing child who has come rushing to his mother after some sort of sibling

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    Lessons from Colin Firth

    I invite you to rent the movie The King’s Speech. As you watch it, think about yourself. What is your Life Purpose? (It tends to be that thing just beyond what seems impossible!) What are you continually allowing to get in the way? How can you, and from whom can you, get help with that hindrance? Imagine what the payoffs will be for you as you act on Bertie’s (and Colin’s!) wisdom.

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    Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

    This morning, I received Geneen Roth’s newsletter, Geneen is a noted author and workshop facilitator in the area of eating and body issues. The newsletter featured an article titled ‘Everlasting Beauty’ and spoke to how we, especially women, degrade ourselves by how we criticize our bodies and judge our physical attributes. This incredibly insightful article suggests that beauty is something that can ‘save the day’, something that we look to for inspiration and peace – not something that is found in some state of physical perfection. Her inspiring words conveyed an opportunity to look at life with a changed lens…one that honors the beauty of the world and the gift of being alive. And who can’t use a bit of that?

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    Take Charge of Your Brain: Five Keys to Effective and Mindful Self-Leadership

    Research on mindful awareness practices reveals an enhancement in our relationships with others due to an increased ability to perceive the nonverbal emotional signals from other individuals. This form of awareness may directly shape the activity and growth of the parts of the brain responsible for our relationships, our emotional life, and our physiological response to stress. Clearly: self-leadership, mindful awareness, and intentional choice are enhanced by practicing a skill set that prepares us to be our own best leaders.

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    Passing On Body Hatred

    When children hear a derogatory comment made by a woman about her own body several things happen. First there is disbelief. Then there is accepting the statement as true. Then there is a shift in attitude toward the adult figure. She is fat and ugly and adults don’t lie…this must be true. Sometimes there is internalization or taking on the belief oneself: I am fat and ugly or I will be fat and ugly when I grow up. This behavioral pattern can go on for generations.

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    The Joy Fit Club on the TODAY Show

    Even though I’ve been busy writing my next book – on living mindfully – allowing time for exercise remains a priority on my to-do list. I like to take a 40-minute break in the mornings and get on my treadmill for a workout. I typically tune in to the TODAY show and I simply must comment on a recent Kathie Lee & Hoda segment where Joy Bauer was introducing her newest “Joy Fit Club” member, Becky, who had lost 179 pounds. Becky went from 357 pounds down to a “gorgeous” 178 pounds. She appeared to have a warm personality, a sense of humor and a down to earth honesty about her. She seemed very happy with her weight loss AND with having run a half-marathon, crossing the finish line as a “whole new woman” – loved from the inside out. So what’s wrong in this picture?

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    Wisdom in Action

    I recently read the article “How to Be Mindful in an ‘Unmanageable’ World” by Tony Schwartz, CEO and founder of The Energy Project. He discusses the benefits of mindfulness in a busy world – or, as Tony calls it, an “unmanageable world”. There is increasing scientific evidence that a mindfulness practice has many benefits for health and wellness, including in the workplace. In this article, Tony demonstrates how mindfulness can increase productivity and reduce overwhelm.

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    Outrageous! “Sculpting your body to reshape your life”

    Are we still a culture that promotes outward body shape as something we must manipulate (for a high fee) and shave (“safely”) down to something that meets…what: cultural expectations? A media-driven lust for the perfect body? A need for happiness dictated by physical appearance? When will this insanity end? And when will resources that are truly in service to people seeking a more mindful life, one of acceptance, wise choice and wholeness, be more easily obtainable and touted by the media as important…worth pursuing?

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    Living a Healthy Life

    Lissa Rankin, M.D., believes healing the mind and being healthy in all aspects of life are essential to true wellness. In her work with patients, she encourages health and authenticity in relationships, work, creative expression, spirituality, sexuality, finances and living environments. She invites her patients to tap into the power of the mind to heal the body and not to settle for merely “well”, but to strive for living a vital, joyful and authentic life – full of happiness, connection and exuberance.

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