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Food for Thought

I found this quote from Winnie the Pooh, a book I read many times over the years to my now grown children, as I was cleaning out my desk and wondered: how many of you can relate to Pooh? How many of you eat for excitement? Does food break the boredom and add some “fun” into your day or evening? And how many of you would like to use food for nourishment and, yes, for enjoyment but not necessarily for “excitement”?

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When the Going Gets Tough

I’m speaking of is the moment during a healing journey when it’s clearly time for action. Goals have been established, the past discussed, contributing events and significant people defined and it is now time to bring attention to intention and take the first action step. This is a time of personal challenge yet more importantly a time of personal triumph: taking the action step and then taking the next..and the next.. creating your path as you go.

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FAQs About Eating Disorders at Holiday Time

It is important to understand that not all behaviors are created equal – meaning each behavior has a different meaning for each individual. One person may be counting calories to become more aware and intentional in the face of food portions and calorie content. Another person may be caught in food restricting and dangerously controlling behavior involving calorie counting and specific food groups. It is important to use your intuition and trust yourself in observing other people, such as a family member or a friend. Above all, bring patience, compassion and love to the situation before making any decisions or forming any opinions.

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