You have the potential and opportunity to forever change the way you respond to life experiences and embrace your health and wellness.


My commitment is to work from my heart and to honor the sacredness of your process - I invite you to provide feedback on our work together.


“Learning to let go of food numbing my feelings, my thoughts and my life was challenging — but it was possible and Lorrie guided me with expertise, compassion and caring. She knows her work and brings her heart to everything she does.”

Amy N, Woodinville, WA


When I first reached out to Lorrie, I was lost, hopeless, and a desperate slave to my food addictions and emotions. Through her amazing generosity of spirit, the deep compassion and acceptance that she instills, and her breadth of knowledge and understanding, I have been able to develop a sense of peace and progress in the darkness by which I was once surrounded. She has a remarkable gift to empower, encourage, and support the development of skills to face the horror of emotional eating and shame. Lorrie creates a safe environment for my growth and facilitates the path of change with such belief and hope. This I know: my life is forever changed having walked this journey through pain, transformation, and blissful moments of serenity with Lorrie by my side.

Mandy S, Tacoma WA


It is my delight and pleasure to say a few words about a woman who is nothing short of genius and who offers both an outstanding professional contribution and a gift of personal integrity and authenticity to the world daily. I met Lorrie several years ago at a professional gathering where she was asked to say a few words about what she did professionally. Although she is a very humble person, her brilliance was evident. She walked the group of entrepreneurs through a guided visualization and some simple yoga techniques—to give us a sample of her work. Through her simple exercise Lorrie shifted the entire energy of the room—peace and calm replaced anxiousness. For the remainder of the event the whole group was more focused and present. Lorrie brings a level of peace and dignity to any situation. She is professional, highly organized, and an extremely powerful communicator. She and her work have impacted my life in extraordinary ways—I’m grateful. I would, without hesitation, recommend Lorrie's programs.

Casey C, Seattle, WA


"The philosophy and authenticity of Lorrie's teaching is amazing. She is an individual that is true to herself and to those around her. Drawing on experience and education Lorrie has the ability to connect with you on a unique and individual level. Understanding, caring, and healing all emit from this marvelous woman. I admire her spirit and commitment to improving the wellbeing of others. She truly does give back to this world. I'm so thankful for the enrichment Lorrie has added to my life. I know many more will also benefit from her teachings."

Sherri W, Tacoma, WA


"Oh my goodness Lorrie, I don’t know where to begin as it is incredible that I would sit here and be able to, not only write this letter, but to write it from a place of complete integrity and honesty. I’ve been in therapy for most of my adult life. On and off seeing one therapist after another, sometimes feeling like I’ve made progress and other times feeling like 'ugh..when is it going to get better,' or, 'why do I do this to myself, what’s wrong with me?'. I’ve spent such a large part of my life being sad and uncomfortable in my own skin and doing things that were contrary to who I am, but at the same time knowing that there was something that was just beneath the surface that could/would change my life if I could just reach it. Well I had no idea how to reach it and that’s truly where you came in. I was seeing a psychiatrist and a counselor in WA State when I was advised to seek the assistance of a dietician. I was losing weight and had emotional attachments and other issues with food that neither I nor my counselor could crack the code. We had made so much progress in other areas; however, the issue of food was a sticking point. Knowing that I was leaving for Paris soon and desperate for assistance, but at the same time not really believing it would help, I called ( and received a few recommendations and yours was one of them. After viewing your website I was hopeful, after our first conversation I postponed calling other therapists and I kept the initial appointments only with the one’s I’d already spoken with, but after our initial consultation I was completely sold. I knew you were the therapist for me! Your website really 'spoke to me' and when we met in person, it was almost too good to be true. I was full of hope and fear. Hope you could truly help me and fearful that you couldn’t and I would be back in the same place, a place where I was using food to my own detriment and suffering emotionally and physically because of it. Lorrie, I am so grateful to you. You never give up on me even when I’m a little depressed during our sessions or when I feel guilty that I’ve 'backslid' or something like that. Your encouragement, counseling techniques and your innate ability to help 'guide' me through the underlying issues of whatever problems arise between our sessions has helped me in ways I cannot put into words. Since we’ve began in earnest, mid-Sept 2011, I’ve managed to identify and change many of the self-destructive habits in my life, I’m eating and have a healthier weight. I’ve stopped losing weight - even though my daily commute necessitates many miles of walking. I’m exercising, and most importantly, I am able to handle the emotional and mental ups and downs of life in a much healthier way. I really look forward to our counseling sessions because I know that I’m peeling back one more layer to view one more piece of my personal puzzle and if I have any issues with it, I have you as a part of my support team and together we’ll figure out how to take something from that information to help me learn, grow and become a stronger, more authentic version of myself. Darn it! I meant for this to be a short letter, but I guess there’s no short way to say I’m just so grateful that you’re in my life. You are undoubtly the best counselor I have EVER had. PERIOD! Again, I just wanted to take a minute and express how much working with you has affected me for the better, and I’d like you to post this letter as a testament to my personal experience - if it can help even one person seek the help they need, then I’m all the happier."

Rena' E, Tacoma, WA and Paris, France


"Lorrie has a gift of responding to questions, comments and concerns in a down to earth way that is informative and illustrative of the mindfulness process. Lorrie is sincere and credible because she easily connects her own experience to the practice of mindfulness in daily life, helping others and empowering them to make their own meaningful connections."

Anna S, M.A., LMFT


"When I think back on how much it cost to work with Lorrie, and how much it has affected my life, I just shake my head. How many people spend untold thousands looking for skills and experiences that are available for such a modest sum? I have recommended Lorrie to many people, and I will continue to do so when I feel someone is in need of skills for mindful living and stress reduction."

Glenn B. LMT, Kirkland, WA


"When I met Lorrie Jones in 2003, I was a shattered and scared young woman. I was going through a series of circumstances in life that had left me feeling defeated and broken. My self-esteem and confidence were non-existent. I was stuck in a downward spiral of self-destruction, which left me feeling completely lost and alone. I had started the search for someone to work with on a one-on-one basis in the hope of being able to save my life and put the pieces back together. Upon our first meeting together, Lorrie’s personal professionalism made me feel so safe. After our first time together, I left that day with something I hadn’t arrived with – hope! Hope that I would someday be living a life full of happiness and self-confidence. We worked together diligently; all the while my physical and emotional healing began to take place. Lorrie was unlike anyone I had ever worked with before. With her, I felt no shame or judgment – I knew I was good enough. With Lorrie’s help, I knew no mountain was too high to climb. And together she and I worked, climbing each mountain until I reached my summit. Today, I am proud to say that I am a happy, well-adjusted woman. I work full-time and am in school pursuing a degree in nursing. I am finally able to look in the mirror and be proud of the woman looking back at me. When I walk, I walk with confidence, holding my head up high, which is something I wasn’t able to do before I began working with Lorrie. I have my life back today, which is the best gift I could ever ask for! And it is Lorrie Jones who gave me that gift."

Britt I, Chandler, AZ


"I have seen the clients of Lorrie Jones benefit profoundly from her unique approach to wellness and eating disorders. She brings an expertise based on over 20 years of experience in the healthcare field, a current practice in wellness and a deep compassion from her own healing. I highly recommend her services."

Robert Billings, MD, Providence Hospital, Centralia, WA


"Lorrie made such a difference in my life! What a wonderful message she shared over the 8 week program, and in such a gentle and compassionate way. I’m truly in awe of her sweet spirit and would love to be more like her. Lorrie has been a blessing to me in so many ways."

Laurie C, Seattle, WA.


"Lorrie clearly communicates theoretical concepts about stress, coping and mindful communication. Her visuals are great. She is concise, current, well-prepared and knowledgeable."

Tom R, Seattle, WA


"I am out of prison! Rather than focus on food and feeling guilty all the time, I feel free ~ I am a whole person and my life feels healthy and peaceful."

Jessica N, Maple Valley, WA


"With Lorrie’s help, I realized I was using food or lack of food to cover up my unpleasant feelings and my good feelings. Now I can feel life, no matter what, and I am at choice, living my life on my terms."

Anna D, Tacoma, WA


"Her leadership of meditation exercises was excellent. Her Body Scan and Sitting Meditation CDs were also excellent."

Julie K, Seattle, WA


"Lorrie used poetry, stories and personal experience to demonstrate teaching points. She is exceptional at this. She selected poems and readings that somehow addressed the stage I was in each week. She read the poems at just the right time in our in-class meditation. The diversity of her selections allowed me to experience mindfulness from many different perspectives. The impact on me was touching and illuminating."

Amy H, Seattle, WA


"Lorrie is an extremely wonderful leader and teacher. She always listens and helps us to work out the problems we have. We are so lucky to have her in our lives."

Linda G, Tacoma, WA


"I was always impressed with Lorrie’s awareness and presence. She has a gentle and powerful ambiance."

Amy F, Duvall, WA


"Lorrie sensitively attended to questions and concerns posed during class. She was always a very compassionate instructor and demonstrated respect for every question, concern, and person in the room."

Annette J, Bothell, WA


"If Lorrie doesn’t know the answer, she tells us and researches it, giving us feedback before the next class."

Beverly A, Mill Creek, WA


"Lorrie Invited open dialogue and inquiry from class members. She always invited the class to question and share. She encouraged us to share and gave us many opportunities to speak. She affirmed individual feelings and questions and encouraged interaction. I always felt better about myself after each class."

Jennifer S, Carnation, WA


"Lorrie was able to vary attention between needs of individuals and the group. She has the capability of taking individual comments and bringing the group into the discussion. She is a supple, natural teacher."

Anthony B, Kirkland, WA


"I am fixin’ to bloom! After eight weeks in Lorrie’s Stress Reduction program, I have gained the knowledge and skills I need to see my life from a whole new perspective.”

Susan V, Seattle, WA