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Navigating the Holidays Mindfully

Often the holidays are approached from a “more on an already full plate” perspective. There is a cultural expectation for joyfulness and accomplishment. Family and social gatherings occur. Often more money is spent over the holidays than planned and budget concerns can dampen merriment. Time, energy and sleep patterns become altered, leaving a person tired and close to burnout as healthy self-time becomes less frequent. For some, the holidays are a time of sadness and depression involving grief, sorrow and loneliness. And for nearly everyone, eating mindfully becomes more difficult and challenging during the holiday season.

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Changing Your Life Story

One of the things you may sometimes forget is that you’re the author of the story of your life, not just the main character. You may think that your story has to do with all the things that have happened to you, the qualities you were born with or have cultivated, the stuff you’ve done or haven’t done yet. But, when you remember that your story is a function of your thoughts, most specifically the thoughts you have about yourself, you can be empowered to consciously transform not just your story, but your life as a whole.

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