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The heart and soul of why women eat…it’s not what you think

Unfortunately, most women spend their days juggling many roles, conflicting commitments and the wants and needs of others. Often we come last, if there’s time. The temptation to reach for food as comfort or distraction can be overwhelming; although the issue is rarely about food — more times than not, the underlying force is emotion. Eating emotionally can become a way of life and extra pounds an unwanted result.

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“Cheat Meals”: A Frightening Concept

Is it okay to have a “cheat meal” when you’re dieting? Joy Bauer, featured nutrition “expert” on NBC’s The Today Show, addressed this question during a recent segment* of “Joy’s Diet SOS”. Shockingly, Joy gives a weekend meal of total indulgence “two thumbs up” for dieters. Her reasons being: preventing feelings of deprivation, providing staying power for continuing to diet and rewarding dieters for putting in “so much HARD work during the week”.

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