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The Joy Fit Club on the TODAY Show

Even though I’ve been busy writing my next book – on living mindfully – allowing time for exercise remains a priority on my to-do list. I like to take a 40-minute break in the mornings and get on my treadmill for a workout. I typically tune in to the TODAY show and I simply must comment on a recent Kathie Lee & Hoda segment where Joy Bauer was introducing her newest “Joy Fit Club” member, Becky, who had lost 179 pounds. Becky went from 357 pounds down to a “gorgeous” 178 pounds. She appeared to have a warm personality, a sense of humor and a down to earth honesty about her. She seemed very happy with her weight loss AND with having run a half-marathon, crossing the finish line as a “whole new woman” – loved from the inside out. So what’s wrong in this picture?

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I Am Looking At Music – Nina’s Poem

After learning of the Oklahoma tornado devastation, I recalled this poem ‘I Am Looking At Music – Nina’s Poem’. It speaks of expansion and spaciousness of the senses…of imagination and possibility. It speaks of love. So, in light of this recent tragedy, I would like to share it with you.

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The Power of Silence

Have you ever considered turning off the distractions for ten days? I mean, no talking, no books, no TV or music, no phone or Internet – no outside “noise” whatsoever – instead, committing to silence for ten days. If that sounds too daunting, read on to see why you might want to embrace the power of silence, if even for only a few minutes each day…

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Simple Happiness

As I sat in the cool evening breeze looking out over the lagoon, I looked back on what I had learned that day. The lessons were simple and sacred and they are: Appreciate the blessing of a smile – and always return one. Value friendship highly – nurture and nourish those you care for. Never forget the importance of family – laugh and hug often. Enjoy the simple pleasures in life – they are everywhere. Always give more than you take – bless others with generosity and graciousness.

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