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Take Charge of Your Brain: Five Keys to Effective and Mindful Self-Leadership

Research on mindful awareness practices reveals an enhancement in our relationships with others due to an increased ability to perceive the nonverbal emotional signals from other individuals. This form of awareness may directly shape the activity and growth of the parts of the brain responsible for our relationships, our emotional life, and our physiological response to stress. Clearly: self-leadership, mindful awareness, and intentional choice are enhanced by practicing a skill set that prepares us to be our own best leaders.

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My Journey of Healing with Mindfulness Meditation

Our culture has indoctrinated most of us, particularly women, to believe media-defined thinness and beauty will bring happiness, bliss and self-love. Unfortunately, this is not true.

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Living Mindfully: Being a Healing Presence for our World

Our culture is one of “automatic pilot”: in today’s world, we mindlessly head for a future that is not here yet or often propel ourselves back to a past that has already occurred. The problem with this style of living is not that the future or the past is undesirable to think about but in doing so…in spending time longing for a certain future or grieving over a past that we can’t change…we are robbing ourselves of the ability to be fully present in the only moment any of us will ever have: this moment.

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