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The Heart & Soul of Forgiveness

Traditionally, the work of the heart begins and ends with forgiveness. To heal, we must forgive. To live mindfully, we must forgive. But first, we need a clear and wise understanding of forgiveness. Once that is accomplished, we become more able to forgive both others and ourselves.Forgiveness is a letting go of past pain and betrayal – releasing the burden of hate that we carry. Forgiveness honors the heart’s greatest dignity and purity. When we are lost, it brings us back to our center and to our ability and our choice to love. With forgiveness, we become unwilling to wish harm on another, no matter the circumstance. When we forgive, we free ourselves from the past and its grasp and hold on our heart. Even in the worst experience, our heart can be free.

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Eating Mindfully While Traveling

Eight Tips for On-the-Road Wellness

As holiday traveling becomes more commonplace and in many people’s lives, more frequent, I thought it might be helpful to offer some suggestions for maintaining wellness while on the road. Whether traveling by car to a destination or taking a holiday trip of some sort, here are eight tips to help you to navigate your holiday travel experience.

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