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Approaching the Holidays Mindfully

“Picture yourself in a state of perfect health, energized from head to toe: calm, focused mind; strong, healthy body; and a joyful and inspired heart. Let this be your healing gift to yourself.”
—Jeni Martinez, Owner, Three Trees Yoga

The above quote is perfect for reflecting on this December, as we in the United States and other countries move closer toward the holiday season. How easy it is to become caught up in the hustle and bustle, in getting things done, and overextending ourselves in various ways. At least I have found myself stressed and worn out in years past. But that was then…

This year I am committed to calm. I am committed to being aware of who I am, to knowing (and honoring) what my limits are, and to giving from the heart. I heard this quote during a recent yoga session, and I like how it offers me a gentle reminder that I can envision health, serenity, and joy. And I can be inspired: by even the smallest things.

To each of you reading these words: I wish you merriment and happiness; love and forgiveness; giving and receiving; and peace on earth. What will you commit to doing more healthfully this season? Please share and inspire others to create a mindful and healthy holiday season.

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