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Make Eating Mindful

Eight simple steps to mindful eating

Practicing mindfulness at mealtimes can help break unhealthful eating patterns and tune into the pleasures that food has to offer. Here are a few of my suggestions to use as guidelines ~ giving your self time and replacing compassion for criticism and joy for judgment.

  1. Be sure you are hungry: eat intuitively ~ as your body tells you ~ and with enjoyment and pleasure
  2. Be grateful: before each meal, take a moment to breathe. As you are breathing, think about the food, where it comes from and the nourishment it offers you
  3. Eat with all five senses: look at the food, its colors and textures. Smell the aroma and notice the sensations as the food moves into your body
  4. Eat “as if” the whole world is watching ~ compassionately
  5. Have a meal or a snack without any distraction ~ or as little as possible
  6. Look behind the craving: if “craving” is present, sit with it for a few moments. Jot down the emotions and feelings you are having. Watch the cravings rise…and fall
  7. Eat one meal a week or more in silence, mindfully: focus on awareness and leave the newspaper, TV or other endeavors alone for now
  8. Choose acceptance: if you do overeat, don’t punish yourself by starving the next day. Accept what has already occurred and remember: failure in not falling down but staying down

Above all be flexible. Healthful eating is like the practice of yoga: each day is different. Allow yourself to eat what nourishes you each day rather than sticking to a rigid routine. Eating mindfully is a practice, taking time and patience. Be kind to yourself and never do anything that is less than in your very best interest. A new life awaits!

3 comments to Make Eating Mindful

  • I really enjoyed this post. So true and good advice, especially numbers 8 and 3. This is advice we could use in most areas of our life.

  • Dear Sarah,
    I am delighted you enjoyed this post and I hope the information continues to serve you. I have just returned from extensive travels and I, myself, used my own “steps”. Thank you for your comment and I encourage you to stay on board!

  • I am so impressed with Mindful Living and Mindful Eating that I am going to it in an article for my magazine. I will send the link to you when it goes live.

    Having struggled and dieted all my adult life with success but no “food pleasure”, Mindful Eating makes such wonderful sense. I have been doing this for a week now and feel better and less stressed. I love your statement “failure in not falling down but staying down”.

    All best,

    Kristen Houghton
    author of “And Then I’ll Be Happy!
    Stop Sabotaging Your Happiness and Put Your Owen Life First”