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How We Participate in Our Eating is How We Participate in Our Lives

“There are some people who eat an orange but don’t really eat it. They eat their sorrow, fear, anger, past and future.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

Do you find yourself eating mindlessly and then regretting it? Would you enjoy a more mindful, intentional relationship with food choices and eating behavior?

The key to changing the way you eat is not more willpower or discipline over what is on your plate, but mastery over what prompts you to eat when you aren’t hungry. By reconnecting with your true self and cultivating mindful awareness, eating can become a balanced and natural part of your life.

Have you ever dreamed of having a slimmer body and at the same time neglected to appreciate and embrace the body you have? Becoming aware and choosing acceptance is the first step to healthy eating.

I have gained and lost over 1,900 pounds in my lifetime I’ve been on every diet imaginable. I’ve been afraid that water would cause me to feel too full. I have searched and sold my soul just to be thin.

Here is how I healed:

  • I gave up trying to fix myself with thinness
  • I gave up believing I would be happy someday other than today
  • I began to meditate and welcome stillness into my life
  • I began believing in my wholeness, my goodness, my true self just as it is
  • I began to dismantle the myth of perfection, letting go of its ties to my life
  • I learned to accept, be patient and trust
  • I researched, read, listened, learned as I slowly healed
  • I have never stopped learning and growing
  • I live in gratitude, moment by moment

“Perhaps the best place to begin is not by trying to make any changes at all but simply by paying close attention to exactly what you are eating and how if affects you.”

Jon Kabat-Zinn

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