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Mindful Minute: The Power of Silence by Seng-Ts’an

“Stop talking, stop thinking, and there is nothing you will not understand.”

This lovely quote reminds me, once again, to stop and be silent in my life. When I do stop, I realize how much thinking goes on in my mind and how much talking, in one way or another, happens, clouding my clarity and creating “noise” in my life.

Recently I was feeling emotional pain due to a family member’s comment. I experienced hurt, embarrassment and regret. This time I did something unusual: I simply sat with my feelings, not talking about them or thinking about them. At first it seemed unbearable…but in time, I was able to observe my feelings without trying to distract myself or make anyone wrong. I simply accepted my feelings and myself, sitting in silence and doing “nothing”.

Suddenly an “aha” moment occurred and I saw clearly how I was contributing to the impasse between the two of us. I realized I was seeking approval and creating pressure and expectation for the other person. With a humble heart, I apologized. Now our relationship is healthy and free of burdens – spacious and loving. And all it took was silence and the willingness to be open to discovery.

Is there an issue in your life that is asking for clarity or compassion? Perhaps some silence would be helpful. Are you willing to take a few minutes a day to “be with” whatever shows up?


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