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Mindful Minute: Living Your Best Life by Susan Hanson

“What might my life be like were I to give in to the rhythms of my own ragged dance? Like this, I imagine, walking down the trail, past grapevines and wine cups and huisache blooming in the sun. Just like this attentiveness, this pleasure, this being present to the world.” —Susan Hanson

This quote speaks to me for one basic and very important reason: it calls me beyond my “to-do list” – beyond my plans and even beyond what I hope will happen in the day. It calls me to move at my own pace and to breathe in the beauty of life.

What might my life be like if I were true to myself? If I moved in a rhythm that was my own, allowing it all to be okay? And what might my life be like if I embraced the beauty of this blessed earth? What if it were enough to be alive …and to be present to the world?

I ask this question of all of us: what if we let go of urgency and the need to accomplish? What if we were wise: doing what was truly needed – like loving or forgiving – and letting that be enough? Tasks will get done. But loving life all over again everyday: what if that were our true calling?

I welcome comments as each voice is important to me and we all need to be heard.


Blooming in the sun

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