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A Lesson from a Duck

I recently visited a lovely local park with a friend who enjoys photography. As we were watching various ducks swim in the pond, bobbing up and down with the small waves and currents, I noticed a young duck asleep in the water, curled into himself, with his tufted head tucked into his body. He bobbed peacefully as the other ducks swam around eagerly, diving for the bits of crackers and popcorn that a nearby group of children were tossing into the water.

This simple scene touched me deeply as it was a lesson in trust. Without any education, planning or knowledge of himself, this little duck, asleep within the world, taught me a wordless lesson. If I could only surrender this completely to the mystery and majesty of my world, I would be supported, carried and renewed – peacefully.

Not long ago, on life support following a serious accident, I had the opportunity to surrender – to let go completely. I recall being wheeled down the hallway of the trauma center toward my 5th surgery in 6 days and being like this little duck: small, nestled-in and trusting – being ushered into the next moment. Today, as I live my life following months of recovery, I sometimes stumble at surrender – only to remember: to release what I think I know and let myself be carried, for a few moments, in a deeper way – buoyant and trusting….letting the waters of life carry me as I rest and renew.

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