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Fun, Fresh Air and a Fresh Attitude

Summertime is thought of as being a time for fun, being outdoors, but for many of us, summertime is filled with: work schedules, taking children to camp and tackling home and garden projects.

As a result, we may feel perpetual overwhelm. Perhaps we can view this as a gentle reminder to step outside of our daily routine and experience a little fun, fresh air and fresh attitude.

To enjoy these fleeting summer days, it’s important that we make time for:

  • Spending time out of doors
  • Going barefoot in the grass
  • Barbequing with friends and neighbors
  • Adopting a fresh, new attitude – more lighthearted

What if you let summer invigorate your senses? Step outside on a warm, fresh morning and pretended this was the first time you’d ever been outdoors.

Feel: Warm air on your skin
Hear: Symphony of birdsong
Smell: Summer freshness in the air
Notice: the green grass – bright blue sky – beautiful flowers
Do: Blow bubbles, run through the sprinkler or lie in the grass, finding animal shapes in the clouds.

Ask yourself:
Is my perspective fresh? Is my attitude open-minded?
Could my approach to life be more childlike…more lighthearted?

Can you find time this month to enjoy the fresh warm air and make room for summertime fun?

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