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Letting Go of Attachment

Dear readers:

With own my life in the midst of huge change, letting go and embracing the unknown, this timely article ‘Let Go of Attachment: You Can Be Happy Even if Things Change‘ resonated with me strongly. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to share this article with all of you.

It seems we are a nation of “graspers” and “keepers” … whether it is ideas, opinions, expectations or material goods—I know, I can be one of the greatest at this! And so, now, the gift of letting go is in my life daily. My lessons began with, mostly, physical things: the outdated journals, sweaters from years ago, jeans that don’t fit any longer, ancient lotion bottles with a half inch of product left in them … and then moved on to mental constructs of how my future would look, who would be in it and what I’d be doing from day to day. For now, I am living in the unknown, and much to my surprise: I like it! I feel free and unburdened – fresher and eager to move forward.

I recommend reading this article because it is clear, simple and down to earth in its style and emphasis. Please give it a read and please let me know in the comments if these words resonate with you too. And if so, in what way?

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