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TEDxTalk Tuesday: Migration of Mindfulness – Cave to Corporation by Greg Burdulis

Does the term “conscious capitalism” draw your attention?

What about “uplifting the quality of intention”?

Or “what is truly important in life” and “letting more happiness ripple out to others in the workplace”

… or any place?

I found this TEDxBoulder talk by Greg Burdulis to be impactful and important yet simple and clear. He shares his timeline from cave to corporate America – Crispin Porter + Bogusky – a large, award-winning advertising firm that aspires to lead employees in living what is right and noble in life and sharing this with the world. Greg, with kindness and calm, takes us from his days in caves and monasteries to decisions made in the boardroom of his workplace that impact and affect our planet.

Greg underscores the importance, in the corporate world as well as in life, of listening deeply, having a quiet and calm mind, nurturing an open and enhanced heart, and learning to be respectful of our bodies. Mindfulness – or being truly present for our lives, in the moment– will allow more happiness to “ripple out to others in the workplace.” Awareness of our bodies, minds and hearts will enhance the effectiveness of our decisions in the world we all live in.

By being mindful and knowing that thoughts are just that: thoughts…not who we are. By embracing this truth we transform our minds. By transforming our minds we are able to be more joyous and peaceful. And the more in touch we are with ourselves, the more in touch we can be with our basic goodness. From this place, each of us can make decisions that are good for all.

In closing, Greg’s message is simple and profound at the same time: “There are many opportunities to explore your kindness: find out what is important and follow through.”

I plan to start today: to be more mindful, to rediscover my basic goodness and kindness, and to make decisions that honor all of mankind. I invite you to do the same – and to welcome more joy and peace into your life as a result.

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