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On Retreat: Part Three

It is now the last day of the retreat. We are once again on our cushions at daybreak. It is difficult to be still as sadness is present. There are farewells ahead and leaving dear people whom I may never see again. Already I am in the future, anticipating. Aware of dread in the pit of my stomach and anxiety tightening my throat, being here

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OnRetreat: Part Two

“..it is difficult to accept there are no answers in life…there is only, it seems, the returning glimpse of wholeness in which all is seen and felt..and illuminated.”

~ Mark Nepo/Lorrie Jones

It is now day three of our retreat. Today we have been encouraged to walk in nature. I chose a path with no end in site ~ a well worn walkway

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On Retreat: Part One

There is love here. Where there is awareness there is love. When there is the habit of attachment and fear, we collapse out of love. And when not collapsed out of love, we see others, all around, hurting, collapsed. The heart vibrates.”

~Gregory Kramer

The bells ring softly at dawn, gently awakening slumbering participants, scattered in various lofts, rooms and campsites. In silence,

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