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Mindful Eating: A Pocket Planner

Much is being written on eating mindfully and, for sure, it is a path that brings healthy results that are sustainable and lifetime oriented. It might be helpful to have a one-page guide…a pocket resource that summarizes the principles of mindful eating. A quick glance can remind you of ‘what to do next’.

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Letting Go of Attachment

It seems we are a nation of “graspers” and “keepers” … whether it is ideas, opinions, expectations or material goods—I know, I can be one of the greatest at this! With own my life in the midst of huge change, letting go and embracing the unknown, this timely article ‘Let Go of Attachment: You Can Be Happy Even if Things Change’ resonated with me strongly. I hope you’ll give it a read.

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Passing On Body Hatred

When children hear a derogatory comment made by a woman about her own body several things happen. First there is disbelief. Then there is accepting the statement as true. Then there is a shift in attitude toward the adult figure. She is fat and ugly and adults don’t lie…this must be true. Sometimes there is internalization or taking on the belief oneself: I am fat and ugly or I will be fat and ugly when I grow up. This behavioral pattern can go on for generations.

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Change Your Mind – Change Your Brain – Change Your Body

The ancient practice of Mindfulness and Mindfulness Meditation – pausing in the midst of life and welcoming stillness, awareness and purposeful attention – affects the entire body, mind and spirit. Learning to be aware of the present moment and how we’re experiencing each moment allows us to look at our lives with new lenses. We realize our thoughts are merely made up constructs of words and have very little truth, if any. We are able to see “what is” more clearly and rather than “react” to life, “respond” to it. The brain changes with each response, becoming more integrated and healthy.

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