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Gratitude: Living a Gracious Life

When we live graciously, we honor all of life, living from trust strength, openness and an inner knowing that everything can be a vehicle for learning and is, in some way, a gift. Practicing gratitude is really a decision to give up all belief in lack. The miracle of gratitude is that it changes your perception, it changes your brain and it changes your experience of the world. Gratitude is a training in vision that helps you recognize what is already here for you. Gratitude energizes you. Gratitude opens you up. Gratitude makes you attractive. The more you practice gratitude, the more abundant you will feel.

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Listening…A Simple Way to Focus Your Mind

To have a clear and focused mind is something most of us want in our lives, but find ourselves, instead, frequent victims of constant thought – of unrelenting planning, evaluating, rehearsing, rehashing – leaving us anything but clear and focused. Pausing throughout the day and listening mindfully will bring clarity and calm to the mind. You can practice listening anytime and anyplace.

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Take a Mindful Moment and Appreciate What Is

Dr. Nancy Snyderman, an American physician and broadcast journalist shares a story about appreciating the moment. About eight years ago, when her son was very young, a butterfly landed on a bush nearby and he said “That’s today’s gift”. As she told the story, she made the point of how important it is – to our health – to stop throughout the day and savor the moment. She suggests taking a moment during each day and noticing what can be seen, heard or smelled…and to “let it be”.

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Ten Ways to Love Yourself

Loving yourself and knowing how to do so is at the very core of well-being, joy and self-acceptance and is essential for creating a rich and wholehearted life. You cannot enjoy happiness if you are not at peace with yourself and with who you are. Your relationship with yourself is the most important one you’ll ever have. In addition, every relationship you experience with someone else mirrors, in many ways, aspects of the relationship you have with yourself. The following are 10 tips for learning to love yourself. Apply each tip one step at a time and know that you are on a path that creates self-love and a healthy self-esteem.

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