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The Silent Meal

In today’s busy, oftentimes frantic and noisy world, eating in silence is usually thought of as something to be experienced on a retreat of some sort or in a monastery somewhere. And eating in such a manner is usually regarded as difficult to imagine and a bit weird: who, after all, wants to feel restricted, limited and uncomfortable while eating a meal? In Brooklyn’s trendy Greenpoint neighborhood, at a restaurant called Eat, the head chef and the owner have created an opportunity for patrons who wish to really taste their food and savor the experience of a meal. During a trip to India, head chef Nicholas Nauman, spent time with Buddhist monks who eat their breakfast in silence, exchanging no words. He decided to bring his learning and appreciation of truly mindful eating back to the U.S. Now, according to Jordan Colón, the owner of Eat, folks can partake in a silent dining experience that otherwise may not be an option. Occasionally, the restaurant offers silent meals to people who choose to experience eating in silence. As Chef Nauman says: “It’s just an opportunity to enjoy food in a way you might not have otherwise”, while commenting on the “strong energy in the room.”

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Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

This morning, I received Geneen Roth’s newsletter, Geneen is a noted author and workshop facilitator in the area of eating and body issues. The newsletter featured an article titled ‘Everlasting Beauty’ and spoke to how we, especially women, degrade ourselves by how we criticize our bodies and judge our physical attributes. This incredibly insightful article suggests that beauty is something that can ‘save the day’, something that we look to for inspiration and peace – not something that is found in some state of physical perfection. Her inspiring words conveyed an opportunity to look at life with a changed lens…one that honors the beauty of the world and the gift of being alive. And who can’t use a bit of that?

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