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Book Review: The Book of Awakening

As the holidays are here once again, I am thinking of gratitude and of the many people who inspire me and, through their love and their work in the world, encourage me to live my life from a place of deep appreciation and thankfulness. One of these people is Mark Nepo, poet, philosopher, author and speaker. He is also a man who has been through two cancers in his lifetime and is dedicated to writing from the heart. He has written many books yet the one that has been my daily companion since the late 90’s is The Book of Awakening: Having the Life You Want by Being Present for the Life You Have.

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If I had wings…

I had my wings tuned up recently. First time ever. In fact, it was only this year that I realized I had wings. We all do. I began to suspect this was the case as I found myself yearning for just such a mechanism of escape. I wanted to fly far away. Life was not unfolding according to my script and I was at a crossroads. Trying to make a decision was not working for me, yet I kept forcing myself to choose a path. And then I learned to ask a different question.

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Too Much to Do

While the satisfaction of completing a task or achieving a goal of some sort is healthy and normal, the constant drive to be doing something can become unhealthy and lead to physical and mental symptoms of distress and compromised health. Busyness can become a thief: robbing us of serenity, unstructured time and creativity. We can easily become slaves to this master.

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