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Unconditional Love by Hāfez


Khwāja Shams-ud-Dīn Muhammad Hāfez-e Shīrāzī  – known by his pen name Hāfez – is considered one of the greatest Sufi poets of all time, renowned for his lyrical, mystical, healing poetry.

For me, the poem quoted above is deep and beautiful and may be an invitation to let go of our expectations of others – of our sense of being owed something by someone – and give and love freely. When I think of the spaciousness that could occur with “a love like that” I feel inspired and hopeful. I want more of this freedom in my own life.

Carrying the burden of expectation…of waiting for someone to pay me back or to “give in return”…is a heavy one. When I am living with such a burden, I am not open to the moment or living in freedom. And if I am postponing my life for something from someone else – for an occurrence on the “outside” to fulfill me – then I am in a prison of my own making.

What if we all chose to live our lives without waiting on someone else to “make us happy”? What if we chose to live in love and freedom…giving rather than expecting to ‘take’? Perhaps we could all contribute to a sky that is lit up and astonishing: a sky that wraps our planet in love and communion with one another.

I’m in – are you? Shall we let our expectations go and, instead, find ways to give and love with a pure and open heart?

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