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Life lessons the sea taught me

The sea is constantly changing: each moment an opportunity

The sea reflects sun, clouds, shallowness and depth: I reflect all that touches me

Azure and turquoise ~ the colors of beauty and clarity: May I live in these colors

Powerful and dangerous is the ocean ~ jumping in I face my fears

The surface is rough yet calm lies below: I need not be my momentary experience ~ going deeper I find tranquility

The sound of the sea is constant and soothing: become this sound

A single drop ~ contains the whole: I hold the universe within

The sea meets the shore, creating a foam pattern poem: my boundaries change from moment to moment…depending

Each wave is new, never the same: I always have new beginnings

There are rich rewards for going deep, discovering an entire word unseen to the eye ~ dive, delve, discover…what lies deep within, waiting to be revealed?

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