Fit From Within weaves art with science, teaching you how to integrate the practice of mindfulness into eating, exercising and all parts of your life – providing the keys to establishing a healthy, loving relationship with yourself and enjoying a favorable weight shift and wise eating choices as a natural result and a sustainable outcome. ‘Fit From Within’ is only a beginning, meant as an introductory overview and is not a full-length book. (5,000 words).



Fit From Within eBook

The Art and Science of Weight Loss

Fit From Within ebook

As a nation, over two thirds of our population is overweight and we are spending over 147 billion dollars a year directly or indirectly on obesity. Information on fat grams, fitness and calories is abundant. If this is what we truly need – more information – wouldn’t we all be thin, fit and nearly disease free by now? Could something be terribly wrong?


The ‘science’ of weight loss is really quite simple: eat less and exercise regularly. However, we know more now about this simple but intricate process and we have better information on how the body responds to types of foods and nutrients and to exercise. We also are more informed regarding food allergies and intolerances, prompting more of a variety of food choices in the marketplace.


The ‘art’ of weight loss addresses why we eat for reasons other than physical hunger and normal enjoyment. It also addresses why we often make poor food choices, eating unhealthily and too often or too infrequently. Here we explore change and what it takes to act in our own very best interest. Yes, we’re losing fat, gaining muscle and becoming healthier. Equally important, we learn to accept and embrace ourselves as we are: whole and not in need of “fixing. Instead, we learn to welcome life as it is, right here and now, and find beauty in the everyday, rediscovering our strength and wisdom by clear intention and wise action.


Getting to where we want to be in life is a process, a journey. This journey starts with where we are and who we are – with full acceptance. It takes time, commitment and step-by-step personal accomplishments – each building upon the other. In order to become healthy and fit we must give up our belief that our well-being lies outside of ourselves and accept full responsibility for a health conscious lifestyle. Each choice we make either diminishes or supports us on our journey. It’s never too late to initiate a change for the better!


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