"21 Days of Eating Mindfully is a refreshing approach to working with weight and body issues. Beautifully crafted and coming from the author's own experience of having gained and lost 1,900 pounds over a 10-year period, she allows you to see how you might enjoy a new relationship with food - one that is healthy, present, intentional, and inspired. She moves you gently through your relationship with food by sharing simple exercises that require reflection and offer a wealth of insight and impact. Love the approach."

—Andrea O.



21 Days of Eating Mindfully

Your Guide to a Healthy Relationship with Yourself and Food

21 Days of Eating Mindfully by Lorrie Jones

Are you a prisoner of gaining and losing weight only to become heavier...are your thoughts preoccupied with food issues, guilt, wishing things were different...have you lost hope in becoming healthy and staying healthy...do you believe you will be happier at a lower weight or a smaller dress size?


If you're like most women, you spend your days juggling many roles, conflicting commitments and the wants and needs of others. Often you come last, if there's time. The temptation to reach for food as comfort or distraction can be overwhelming, although the issue is rarely about true hunger. More times than not, the underlying force is emotion. Eating emotionally can become a way of life.


Following two decades of research and practical experience, disordered eating expert Lorrie Jones developed the 21 Days of Eating Mindfully program, designed to encourage and support you in changing unwanted and unhealthy eating habits by transforming your relationship with yourself. This 21 day journey is not a diet or overnight cure. Rather, it's an opportunity to inquire more deeply within, providing the keys to establishing a healthy, loving relationship with yourself and enjoying a favorable weight shift and wise eating choices as a natural result and sustainable outcome.


With mindful awareness it's possible to let go of the belief that eating or not eating will take away hurt, disappointment, loneliness-boredom, anger, emptiness. With mindful awareness you'll learn skills and tools necessary to use food for only nourishment and healthy enjoyment. If you're ready to give up believing there's something wrong with you-something that will change when you have a different body-then you're ready for Eating Mindfully and embracing the present moment, ending your dysfunctional relationship with food.


For 21 days you will be provided with mindful eating guidelines to put into practice in your daily life. There are three days of "food for thought", related mindfulness activities and points to ponder for each of the letters in "HEALING":


H: Hunger & Healing

E: Empathy & Emotional Eating

A: Awareness & Acceptance

L: Love & Letting Be

I: Inquiry & Intention

N: Nurture & Nourishment

G: Gratitude & Gracious Living


Also included is a list of Recommended Reading to support you on your journey.


You have the potential and opportunity to forever change the way you respond to life experiences and embrace your health and wellness. Why not start honoring yourself today by embracing true and lasting change that comes from self acceptance, compassion and purpose, not discipline or dieting!


Designed to support you on your journey towards living a mindful life, see all of Lorrie's books on Amazon.com